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Rev. Dr. Marjorie B. McWilliams

Clinical Pastoral Counselor, NCCA

I have a BA degree in art and art history from California State University, Fresno. I am an ordained and credentialed pastor. I received my Master of Art's degree in clinical Christian counseling from Cornerstone University. I also have a doctorate degree from Colorado Theological Seminary and the National Christian Counselors Association in clinical Christian counseling.


While I focus primarily on women and the issues they face, I have advanced certification in EMDR Therapy, Temperament Therapy, Cognitive Therapy and Ethics, Substance Abuse and Addiction, Crisis and Abuse Therapy, Domestic Violence and Intervention, and Group Therapy.


I am first and foremost, a Christian counselor. How this impacts my counseling practice is that while I believe many of my client’s issues are spiritual in nature, they can also be due to physiology, psychological, environmental, or social reasons.  Since we are created in God's triune image, fulfillment and lasting peace can only be established through a relationship with God through His Son Jesus Christ. Healing of our spirit, soul, and body will come to us as we align with His will and purpose for our lives.

As a Christian counselor, my main goal is to guide clients toward greater emotional and spiritual health through expanding their understanding of God's forgiveness and especially of His most amazing grace.


As a Christian counselor, I believe that God is the ultimate authority in counseling situations. He provides us with His wisdom and strength to change our ways of thinking and behaving. Counseling sessions with me involve prayer and using the Bible for guidance.


Often I incorporate art therapy techniques to unlock deeper self-awareness. Building dependency on God, learning how to forgive and then moving forward with confidence is the key to wellness and wholeness.

About Our Name

In Judges 6:12, Gideon did not know that he was a mighty warrior until the angel spoke those words to him. He began to think and walk in that new image of himself and gain experience in actually being mighty. In my practice, this is exactly what we do- we start by changing what we think about ourselves which then affects how we act.  Acting in new ways, we find that we actually do become.... mighty warriors!

Are you ready to change? A little step may be the beginning of a great journey. 


“The Lord is with you, mighty warrior.”

In the state of California, I practice Christian Counseling in accordance with section 2908 of the State of California Business and Professions Code; and do not provide services under the laws regulating licensed Marriage and Family Counselors, Clinical Social Workers, Psychologists, and Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors in the State of California. California has no provision to license Christian/Pastoral Counselors.

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